Pain is the message that something is wrong


Chronic pain is pain that persists long after a reasonable period of healing is expected. However, our body parts may not need to be replaced, fixed or medicated when they "break." Have you tried chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, and acupuncture and experienced less than ideal results? With the Feldenkrais Method many painful conditions can be relieved by addressing the way the body functions and returning it to a more optimized state. 

Information on how I treat illness-specific and site-specific pain syndromes with the Feldenkrais Method can be found easily and immediately by clicking on a specific Pain Relief Treatment Page from the navigation menu bar above.

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In-depth reading on over two dozen chronic pain treatment topics specifically using the Feldenkrais Method to relieve pain can be found on my Ezine Article Site!


More Information About the Feldenkrais Method

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