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PLEASE READ: In light of the unprecedented nature of the current Presidential administration, on February 7, 2017, I made a decision to change my practice policy. On this day, both Jeff Sessions and Betsy DeVos were overwhelmingly confirmed to their Secretary positions, while Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was told to "sit down and shut up" by Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). I have seen enough! This President is certifiable, and his administration is morally reprehensible.

My new policy is NOT put in place hastily, or created because I am an agent of inflexible partisanship. It was created because I am heartbroken on a daily basis by this administration, and am the kind of human being who will defend and provide care to those this administration has committed to oppress — women, gays, liberals, intellectuals and scientists, immigrants, people of color, the poor, children and the elderly, and all rest of the world’s vulnerable people that have always been crushed as others seek to rise.

"The Trump Presidency has set several dangerous precedents which cannot be ignored. I will NOT simply watch our democracy being destroyed and say nothing:"

If you voted for Donald J. Trump, you voted in support of racism and xenophobia. You voted in support of sexism, misogyny and sexual assault. Of homophobia and bigotry, religious intolerance, and bullying. Of discrimination and humiliation of the disabled. You voted in support of a man whose father was an active Klansman in Queens, a man endorsed by David Duke, and whose closest adviser is a self-proclaimed "White Nationalist".  You voted in support of a man who thinks climate change is a hoax. You voted in support of a man who employs historically fascist language, incites violence, and preaches hate. A man who pledges to utterly destroy his enemies, with or without the approval of Congress. You voted for a man who, like all fascists, loathes the press and the First Amendment, and confuses truth with "fake news". You voted for a man who has frightening and incredible praise for Vladimir Putin. A man with HUGE financial interests in Russia, but who refuses to show his tax returns so as to hide how huge. And finally, you voted in support of a narcissistic and pathological liar, who believes that he alone can solve your problems. And Mr. Trump is now the most unpredictable and most powerful man on earth. 

"It is now mid-September, 2017. Our democracy is being tested, and the Constitution is winning, barely!
And though I finally have hope that Trump's indictment and resignation are a real possibility, my practice policies will likely not change.


If you believe our President is moving the nation in a sound and healthy direction, I feel really sorry for you. You have much bigger problems than I can help you with. You literally break my heart, and there are too many others to care for who are as incredulous and heart broken as I!  Please, even if and especially if, you've known me for years, do us both a favor, and honor my decision! Our fundamental moral ideologies are mutually exclusive.

If, however, you believe the people of our nation have cause for concern, and that Mr. Trump is leading the U.S. in dishonorable and unpatriotic directions, PLEASE feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to speak with you.


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