Anatomy of the Lumbar Spine

Anatomy of the Lumbar Spine

Back Pain Relief and Sciatica Relief


In spite of the impressive number of treatment options available, most approaches to back pain and sciatica often prove less than satisfying and the relief is usually not permanent. 

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor or miss work and is a leading cause of disability worldwide. 

Each case of back pain requires individualized and skilled evaluation by a back pain relief specialist, and an expert diagnosis of the underlying issues which are causing the pain.

Sciatica represents a degenerative process in the discs of the low back. Each vertebra is cushioned above and below by an intervertebral disc. Discs can degenerate and bulge. The bulging disc places pressure on nearby spinal nerves, and is felt as pain in the back, buttock, thigh, leg, or foot.


To achieve relief from back pain and sciatica one must understand:

  • Back pain is not prevented by the strengthening of the muscles of the back
  • The stability of the back rather than the strength of the back prevents your back from harm
  • Therapy for stability is quite different from strength training





A Feldenkrais approach to back pain relief and sciatica begins with a thorough evaluation of your spinal core and considers:

  • The stability of the back is dependent on a properly functioning spinal core
  • The spinal core is a complicated series of discs and vertebrae, each with a slightly different function
  • Faulty interactions between vertebrae create excessive strain in the back and/or sciatica
  • Optimizing interactions between vertebrae stabilizes the back, providing back pain relief and alleviating the pain of sciatica
           Back Pain and Sciatica Pain Relief treatment

           Back Pain and Sciatica Pain Relief treatment


Sciatica and back pain relief result from improving key relationships within the spine, and optimizing the function of the spine as it relates to the rest of the body. You will receive therapy that involves the whole body, including Feldenkrais exercises. The goals are to relieve back pain and prevent your back from being injured again. At the Feldenkrais Center, our unique approach to treating the cause of your back pain allows for fast, effective and usually permanent relief from discomfort.






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